Sunday, August 21, 2016

Mod Buggy, SDRC 8/20/16

All the fast guys showed up this weekend so I was aiming for a top 5 finish. I also learned that Microns don't work that great in a dry track. Oh and I might have went the wrong direction on a rear roll center change. I need go back to 2mm washer on the hub and 0 for the rear camber link mount. 

My car was loose on power mid corner.  Maybe because the track was dry?  At least I moved up from my starting spot of 8th and finished 6th?  Missed my goal of a top 5 though. 

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Mod Truck and Buggy! SDRC 8/13/16

I heading out to my local track on Saturday 8/14/16 for some club racing on clay dirt (not carpet) :). I decided to race mod truck with my T5m, as I converted it to a 3 gear transmission with steel drive diff and CVAs and installed my MurfDogg 7.5 motor. For mod buggy I was racing my 22 3.0 with fresh shocks and TLR 30wt oil front and rear with 3x1.4/2x1.6 pistons and red springs front and rear. Hahaha.

In mod truck I started 2nd behind a visitor. On the start of the main I was stuck to the back of his truck like glue!  I followed him around for a few laps and noticed that I could carry way more speed at the end of the straight than he could and I guess that scared him as he made a mistake in the sweeper in front of the stand and got stuck on the pipe. I easily went around a kept the lead until the end :)

In mod buggy I put in a good run in round 1 and blew out in round 2. I still manage to qualify 3rd though!  In the main I had a clean start and followed the leaders. A few mistake in front and I moved up to 2nd and held on to the end. 

Monday, August 8, 2016

Winner! Saturday Night Shakedown 8/6/16

I decided to race my buggy and truck again, as I think I have the buggy working well now.  In the morning I changed to some new front springs and changed my slipper setup, hoping that the truck would be easier to drive. 

My buggy felt great and was easy to drive. I managed to qualify 3rd and took advantage of mistakes of the drivers in front of me to get the win!

In truck there was a crazy battle between the top 3 in the last minute!  I manage to hold onto 2nd after leading early on. 

Monday, August 1, 2016

Expert Stock Buggy, SDRC Saturday 7/30/16

During the week I decided to change my motor to one I haven't run since last summer (Fantom) and rebuilt my shocks after who knows how long!  Maybe last winter?  Lol!  The shocks have 32.5/30 oil, 3x1.4 / 2x1.6 flat pistons, 2 limiters in each S shock, and white springs front and rear. 

With these changes I was finally able to get into th 18 second lap range, with my fastest lap of the day turned in the main, 18.7. 

I qualified 3rd and finished 3rd. An early mistake caused me to lose touch with the leaders. Oh well. 

I also switched to my stock body since my JC body is pretty rough. 

Monday, July 25, 2016

Buggy and Truck Racing!

I qualified 6th in the A and finished 7th in stock buggy. Going to change motors, bodies, and rebuild my shock. I want an 18 second lap!

I TQ'd truck and had a fun battle with Robert, but made a mistake on the last lap and let him get the win.