Monday, October 24, 2016

13.5 Buggy?! SDRC Raceway 10/15/16

My friend talked a few of us into running 13.5 buggy so we could just race each other,. Lol!  It was fun!  But no challenge for me :).  Maybe I'll go back to expert stock buggy next weekend?  There was also a 40+ buggy class.  But most of the guys in there are not that fast.

The guys made me start on the 10th grid spot while they all started at the other end of the straight. I managed to catch them by the end of the 1st lap. But I caused an early crash, so I waited. This allowed the leader to open a big gap, which I managed to close by the last lap, then took over the lead when he crashed!  Two of the guys beat me on fast lap though. I wasn't happy about that. Lol!

Friday night blowout!

I ended up in the B main due to so-so qualifying runs on balding tires.

In the B main I get rear ended coming into the quad, then bobble and crash a few time, so I decided to practice making the triple!  I landed it about 5 times total. It was fun!  Lol!

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Wednesday night racing?!

I was talked into racing Wednesday night at SDRC. I would only go if I could borrow some tools and a charger. This way I would only need to bring my car, radio, battery, and a couple sets of tires :). Then I could skip hauling my roller bag up and down the stairs!  I need to lighten that thing!

I crashed a few times :(. I was also running balding 2.4" electrons about to peel off the wheels. 

Two cars dropped out for the 2nd round, so I had an empty track to run on!  I didn't crash a all and ended up winning the heat, turned my fastest 5 minute run (17:14), and TQ'd!  I only held onto it though until the next hear ran. Lol!

I started 2nd, but would finish 4th after shorting the 1st double and crashing.  I also have the race on video!

Monday, October 10, 2016

Back to club racing

No more of this CA vs AZ stuff.  They decided to stay home. So it was back to normal club racing on Saturday 10/8/16.

I raced my B5m in Expert Stock Buggy, to use up some old tires in my inventory.  I wasn't really trying to go as fast as possible. Oh and my brother was able to race again and actually stay for the mains this time!

I'm always saving spots for my buddies as I'm usually the 1st to arrive at the track. 

Still made the A main with my B5m on balding tires! :)

Blew out in the Main though as the track was too dry for my balding tires. Oh well.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Corner weighting

I decided to pick up the SkyRC corner weight scale system sold by Fantom Racing.  I wanted to corner weight my 22 3.0 with laydown gearbox because all the power wires are on the left side of the chassis, and I thought the cross weights would be off.

Confirmed. My 22 cross weight was at 49/51%. To adjust this I raised the ride height 1 turn on the lightest tire (1 round of wedge added to the right front-299.2g).  Oh and I used my DE setup wheels for corner weighting, as I wanted to remove the effect of different tire weights and focus only on the chassis. 

After adding wedge to the right front, the weight on that tire increased to 304.1g and the cross weight changed to 50/50% :)  The weight on the left rear also increased, while the weights of the left front and right rear decreased (the opposite cross weight). 

While I was at it I also checked my B5m. 

No adjustment needed!  The cross weight was at 50/50%

Another interesting measurement was the front and rear weight bias. On the B5m with standup gearbox it was 37/63% and on the 3.0 laydown was at 41/59%. The laydown gearbox shifted the weight forward by 4%, compared to the standup gearbox in the B5m.