Monday, November 21, 2016

40+ Buggy, SDRC 11/19/16

Most of the guys showed up Saturday and we all agreed to run 40+ buggy :).  The class ended up with a full heat of 10 cars!  That's a lot of old guys racing!  Lol!

I won both qualifiers and secured the TQ position for the main. I would lead most of the race, but a lapped car hit me with about 4 laps to go and I lost the lead. A few mistakes on my own allowed the lead car to pull away a little and I ran out of time to catch and pass him. At least I still got the TQ and finished 2nd?

Expert Stock Buggy, SDRC 11/18/16

So. I've restored to getting screen shots of the results on my desktop now, as I can see all of the finishing positions.

The track was dry and dusty, so I switched over to my gold dirt webs as those tires have taller pins compared to my current set of electrons, which have bald sections on them. 

I managed to win my heat for round 2, but my run was only fast enough for the 8th spot in the Main. 

I had a good start moving up a few spots, but I got caught in someone else's wreck and dropped back. I ended up finishing where I started. 

Sunday, November 6, 2016

40+ Buggy Again?!

I raced the old guy buggy class again, but this time with my B5m, at SDRC Saturday 11/5/16. 

I was able to get theTQ, but the TQ curse struck and I made a few early mistakes and dropped back to 4th, then back to the lead, then back to 2nd. A mistake in the closing laps dropped me 3rd. 

Not a fan of the updated Liverc site for mobile screen shots of the race results. Lol!

Monday, October 31, 2016

40+ Buggy? SDRC Saturday 10/29/16

I decided to race in the 40+ Buggy class while testing a few setup changes and tires. 

I changed to softer rear springs on my 22, which were the gray low frequency springs with a rate of 1.96 lbs/in. I also raised the ride height from 21mm to 23mm. These changes should increase the rear grip. 

I guess my changes worked!  I turned a 17.6 fast lap and a 17:15 run. This was faster than the expert stock buggy TQ!

In the second round I decided to try some new rear gold dirt webs. Oh right I'm trying dirt webs again!  Lol!  These new tires were about 0.5 seconds slower for my fast lap compared to the 1st round. 

Our main was the 2nd heat this time , so the track would be a little more damp compared to qualifying, where our class was the 5th heat. I decided to switch back to my older set of rear dirt webs, which were clearly faster than my new set.  This turned out to be the right choice as my fast lap went down to 17.3 and I win the race by taking over the lead, when the 1st and 2nd place cars crashed with about 2 laps left :)

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Back to Expert Stock Buggy

Saturday 10/22/16 would be my first time in the "refreshed" layout. The track was running in reverse and 3 features were changed so that the cars could go backwarda on the current layout. I think it was better the other direction :-/

I had planned on racing 40+ buggy, but when I overheard some of the mod guys dropping in to teat their 13.5 cars for the upcoming Top Gun race, I switched back to expert stock buggy instead. Oh well. 

I blew out on the main, clipping a pipe and getting stuck early causing a pile up. Lol. Oh well.

I haven't been motivated to do well at club racin since the freebie race at the beginning of the month. At least I have a good time hanging out with my friends :)