Tuesday, January 23, 2018

2017 Stats

TQ's: 3
1st: 3
2nd: 2
3rd: 2

I wasn't keeping track very well though, as the new Live Time format doesn't allow for good screenshots on my phone, so I stopped keeping track of my stats.  Which is why I haven't posted much in the past year.

On to 2018!

Sunday, January 29, 2017

SDRC Supercross Series Race #2

This race was more like a big club race vs a Top Notch event like race #1. I decided to add Mod Truck to my classes, as I got the urge to race my T5m during the week.

Joey was running Mod SC, thus was in a different class in terms of the series points.

I guess I blinked? Lol!  I qualified last in the A main,  The 2 positions behind me bumped up from the B main.  I keep my nose clean and avoid the wrecked cars and work my way up to 3rd!

Worthless SDRC Supercross Series Race #1!

This race was epic!  19 heats!  Finished racing at 1am!

I only raced 40+ Buggy so I had lots of time to fly my tiny FPV quad around SDRC between races.

I battle for 4th in the closing minute but crash on the triple and end up in 5th. Oh well.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

2016 Stats

TQ's: 10

1st: 12

2nd: 14

3rd: 9

I'd say 2016 was a good year for me!  Double digits for everything expect 3rd place!

Forgot I raced Saturday also! 12/17/16 SDRC

All I remember is that my radio battery died during the main.